Friday, December 22, 2006

+ Osaka Meets Jakarta!

Veryone and his crew (CMK) from Osaka, visited Jakarta again.. Here's what Wormo said to Graver about them..

Date: Dec 8 2006 12:31 AM
Subject: RE: very1!
brooo! watsaap! hehehe..

very1 went back to japan already hehehe..
he & CMK (tomy, cook & yoka) were painting like crazy while in jakarta..
first & second day, they slept at my house.. first day too tired to paint & no cans, so sleep only..

second day they painted the PI red wall then at night partyy! hahaha.. very & yoka are very drunk.. they bodypainted some girls in the club haha.. after that is bombing panglima-polim..


third day they sleep at hotel & paint antasari & ampera with artco, dbotz, kims & arks..
after that go back to hotel.

Cingkok mastaaaa!!!

fourthday is shopping! hehehe.. till nite & too tierd, so went back to hotel, sleep & at subuh, four of them walked from thir hotel in kemang to citos underpass, turn left to around trakindo!! hahaha... bombing along the way.. crazy dude..

fifth day still at hotel.. at nite we paint in citos. very fun session! many coming & just like party.. booze & baks! haha.. it was really fun. i miss the old session like that..

Click to enlarge..
and click here to see the whole wall..

sixth day, we painted in PI/pndok pinang (the wall where nsane got bite).. prodo. mumu got the pics.. il update it soon coz i also got the daylite pics.. fun session also.. hangout, chillin, manymany coming hehe.. too bad the wall is too small.. darbotz come but didnt paint.. echo & nsane also didnt finish their piece.. kind of sucks.

Click to enlarge..
Click here and here to see the whole wall!

at nite, we paint in fatmawati & after that bombing along fatmaw hehe..

the next day, the they go back to bali then japan.. hehehe..
damn! got shiver when we say goodbye to them in the busstation.. sedih.. hahah.. they really love indo you know! shitsitshit.. hehehe..

as for goods, they gave soooo many things.. tees, magz, books, scarf even toys! haha
indo also give them many too i think.. tshirt mostly..
caps! very didnt give any, but tomy gave some to me hehehe.. ill share it with you bro hehe..

hehehehe... my msg is llong! hahaha..
eniwey, cant wait to see you! cant wait to rock jakarta again! hahaha..
i've been like layback too long & hanging with those japanese just boostup my semangat to paint again!! hahaha..

alrity, c u brooo!