Wednesday, May 25, 2011

+ Toter x Graduhouse (Tshirt) (SOLD OUT)

Click to enlarge! (Photo by BujanganUrban)

IDR Rp 120000
Limited 12 pieces only

For order please call ( no sms ) :
Uclito (021) 97482299
Chatmentos (021) 93187251
Rafli (021) 98675151
See more products at:


+ Adidas All24

Toter crew teams up with Ashtwo, Lyke, Sendseva and Name2 at "Adidas All24" Event.
All pics from Sendseva blog.. or is it Lykerex? :D Thanks mate..


Name2, Ashtwo, Lyke



Video promo:


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Decals, acrylic on Resin

Photo taken from Indieguerillas Album :D

See the whole set here:
TV EYE Launching and Custom Exhibition


Friday, May 06, 2011

+ Wormo x Koma Indo at Antasari

Another hot-hot Sunday afternoon session with Koma Indo.
Photos nicked from Koma Indo blog. Thanks brah! :D


+ Body Paint - First Try :P

Thanks to Mine2 & Widya :)


+ Happy Shocks, Victim Shakes, Guerillas Rawks

After many exploration and produce lots of work made by various media whether it is 2 or 3 dimension,
on 2011 they’re finally created a resin based toy figure named “TV EYE”. On it first appeareance,
Indieguerillas invite 26 artist from selected city in Indonesia to collaborate on event
titled “Happy Shocks,
Victim Shakes, Guerillas Rawks”
that will be held on
Lou Belle Shop, Bandung on 7 – 14 Mei 2011

Collaboration with 26 Artist :

The Yellow Dino (BDG) | Marine R. aka JOUWE (BDG) | TellThem (BDG) | Astronautboys (BDG)
Recycle Experience (BDG) | Manuel H. aka CIKCUK (GER) | Amalia Kartika (BDG) | Brian H. (BDG)
Rajaya Yogaswara aka Machine56 (BDG) | Radi Arwinda (BDG) | PinkVersusBlack (JKT) | Arian13 (JKT)
Darbotz (JKT) | KOMA (INDO) (JKT) | Aram Kaleva’ (JKT) | Muloyoung (JKT) Om Leo (JKT)
The Sompret’ (JKT) | Farid Stevy Asta (YK) | Terra B. (YK) | Iwan Effendi (YK) | Wedhar Riyadi (YK)
Yudi Sulistya (YK) | Uji Hahan Handoko (YK) | Fredy Chandra (YK) | Hendra Hehe (YK)

Lou Belle Shop
jl.Dr.Setiabudhi #56
Bandung West Java INDONESIA
Phone +62222038668