Monday, May 28, 2007

+ HALOMONO 2 - the Female Edition

HALOMONO 2 - the Female Edition

June 1st 2007
Start from 17.00 - 24.00

at Third Eye Studio
Jl. Abdurahman 1 no.24
Kebayoran Lama
(Click here for LOCATION MAP)

Art Exhibition:
Sanchia, Pinkgirlgowild, Pixie, Rimma (Kis5dbiwx), Sari Kudaponi, Zsou and the Beatsiron, Milkikola, Lisza, Astrid Caesaria, Aprilia, Keke Tumbuan, Evelyn Pritt, Ludmila Gaffa, Heditya, Risya
Music Performance:
Blossom Diary, Yeah, Racun Kota, Rudebox
DJ Asung, DJ Yoca, DJ Kudaponi

Thema (0856-997-6073)

Sponsored & Supported by:
Third Eye Studio, Provoke, Tembokbomber, Royal Consortium, Whatnot, Nanonine, +62

photos from DoTheWhatnot.Com - part 1 and part 2

also flicks from RHIZE the fat zombie..

Monday, May 14, 2007

+ Wormo Street Stuff

"Tembok Bomber Express", painting with Pope at the Dome, Bandung.
(Click on the pics to enlarge)

See the whole jamming session with PGGW, Uncle Joy, Boncu, Indysix, Shake, Stereo, Tutu, Yeah, Racht4, Taze, Miel88, Chezt, Stupkid, Camenz, Baka + Artcoholics, Artcohore and the ladies.. (another big picnic session hahaha..) Check it at:

Jogjakarta, painting with Tutu, Wedhar, Tatsoy, PGGW & Om Hehe + all of you crazy Jogjakartians (Doly, Gentong, Arie, Elie, Love Hate Love, T-Kid, Squad & YKLC, Mes56.. Damn crazy Javanese haha.. love you guys!)

Wormo, Wev, Tutu at Panglima Polim

+ Wormo "Legal" Stuff

Little updates from several events...

HALOMONO 1 at Splash
"Blow You Mistere Uno", acrylic, spraypaint & marker on canvases.


[r]evolusi 300cc at Museum Bank Mandiri
Painting on VW bettle bonet


Black Urban Art at Toimoi Gallery (this is the last blacky thing I promise hahaa..)
"Wormo vs. Wev" canvas & painting at the venue..


Wormo, Tutu, the Killer Gerbil, Zero

+ HSM Magazine issue 05

Another Jakarta scene article and Wormo got interviewed along with Nsane5, Yeah & Muth.
Thanks to Veryone & HSM for the magz!
(Click the pics to enlarge..)

Interview.. in Japanese.. :P

This is what I love from HSM! Haha..

*Yo Nsane, yours is still with me, ingetin gue yee haha..