Monday, May 14, 2007

+ Wormo Street Stuff

"Tembok Bomber Express", painting with Pope at the Dome, Bandung.
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See the whole jamming session with PGGW, Uncle Joy, Boncu, Indysix, Shake, Stereo, Tutu, Yeah, Racht4, Taze, Miel88, Chezt, Stupkid, Camenz, Baka + Artcoholics, Artcohore and the ladies.. (another big picnic session hahaha..) Check it at:

Jogjakarta, painting with Tutu, Wedhar, Tatsoy, PGGW & Om Hehe + all of you crazy Jogjakartians (Doly, Gentong, Arie, Elie, Love Hate Love, T-Kid, Squad & YKLC, Mes56.. Damn crazy Javanese haha.. love you guys!)

Wormo, Wev, Tutu at Panglima Polim

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