Thursday, March 09, 2006

+ Royal's Blood


We as An Indonesia Character Design Collective want to bring up about one of apreciation from Urban Art, that is what called A Chracter Design. Everybody from very different background can enjoy and free to express their personality in our medium and program. Education, socialization, make a link between local artists and also promote local artists to abroad become our vision. Everybody can play, and everybody is an artist as long as they have a strong concept and originallity behind their character.
Royal Consortium is Eunice a.k.a pinkgirlgowild a.k.a Suzuka; Wormo Toter,; Age a.k.a Tutu; Sigit a.k.a Inarticulate and Mattaniah a.k.a Elvis Kill Kennedy

You can enjoy about this 'Character Design" thingy in JUICE Magazine every month..
Let's play & pray!


Our first exhibition will be on 5th May 2006
Toimoi, Gallery Shop, Kemang Raya
40 toys + 17 artworks + much more...

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