Thursday, March 09, 2006

+ What Creation Created the Creator?

A nice collaboration beetwen Kicky and Rino..

The Great Masses Of People Would Easily Fall
to a Big Lie Rather That a Small One

Wars are Lies !! but then "dulce et decorum est pro patria morte" (Sweet and Honorable is to have a Patriotic Death), every youngster turns to soldier.
At the far right of this Mural, simple stencils of The "Deutsche Reichs-Adler" are shown to represent all the military recruits when country commits to War. Have we heard one's story "We were soldiers " yet? Once one of us claim to be or at least one of us in one in every three generation of one's family tree, once in every nation, at war or not at war, human lives have been given and taken.
But as youngsters who then serve and who are willing to give life or take life, murder at war becomes heroism, shown here at the far left as simple stencils can turn to golden military decorations at the price of life, not many lived to tell. Oh my, what have WE created..!?

Converte Domine Captivitatem Nostram
(Convert Dear Domine of our Captivity)

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